teeth health smile dentistDementia is a disease related to the brain, and the brain’s good health is not just dependent on the kind of food you eat but also how you eat them or the means of consumption. In other words, teeth and also your dentist have a major role to play.

Key Takeaways

– Chewing helps boost the oxygen and blood flow to the skull, which helps keep the brain in good working order.

– According to a dental study on elderly Japanese people, an inverse relationship was demonstrated between the remaining number of teeth and dementia disease risks. The study indicated individuals with increased loss of tooth are more susceptible to dementia.

– Gum disease not just affects your smile but could also accelerate a decline in mental wellness significantly, thanks to the gum bacteria that increases the body’s inflammation levels.

Bad oral health is also indicative of the general health of an individual, since common oral issues reflect health behaviour, disease(s) history, and health care. Talk to your dentist not just to get your smile right but also to keep dementia at bay.

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