smile health dentist teethRecent research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association suggests women with gum disease who have passed the menopause may be at increased risk of early death from a range of causes including cardio-vascular disease.

Previous studies have identified links between gum disease and CVD. Data comparing women over 55 with and without gum disease suggests those with periodontal issues face a 12% increased risk of death which rises as high as 17% for those who have lost all their teeth.

Key messages:

– Gum disease is a major problem that affects 47% of adults over 30.

– Older people are even more vulnerable since over 70% of those over 65 are affected.

– Regular visits to your dentist are even more important for women to reduce the chances of developing gum disease.

“Our findings suggest that older women may be at higher risk for death because of their periodontal condition.”

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