Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with the treatment of improper bites, crooked teeth and disproportionate jaw relationships. Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment involves the wearing of an appliance, removable or fixed, which will predominantly influence the position of the anterior teeth and correct the discrepancies. Treatment times can vary from 4-30 weeks depending on the severity of the malocclusions. There are various different methods of correction:

Removable Appliances

These are worn full time and can be removed for cleaning, eating and tooth brushing. At Marlborough Dental Practice we use “Clearstep”, “Smile TRU“, “Inman“, and “Invisalign” systems


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Fixed Appliances

These are brackets glued onto the teeth with wires interacting which move the teeth into the desired positions. At Marlborough Dental Practice we use the “6 Months Smiles” system and “Cfast”  systems.


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