Tooth nerve pain can be very bothersome. It occurs when the soft layer of tissue known as dentin is exposed, due to enamel erosion. The dentin transmits extremes of temperature to the nerves inside the tooth, triggering pain. Overusing tooth whitening products and over-zealous brushing can both result in enamel erosion, as can loose fillings, cavities, fractured teeth and gum disease.

Key takeaways:

– The fastest solution for tooth sensitivity is to use a de-sensitising toothpaste and a toothbrush with softer bristles

– Avoiding food or drink that is very hot, very cold or acidic can reduce pain and sensitivity

– Visit your dentist if you have any concerns or habits such as grinding, so they can recommend the appropriate treatment so you can smile again

“Often, people who have sensitive teeth experience a combination of factors that lead to their tooth pain”

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Dr. Matthew Thomas BDS Wales (1996)

Dr. Thomas was born and brought up in Bridgend. He attended the University of Wales College of Medicine and Dentistry, qualified in 1996, and pursued dental VT training in LlantwitVardre 1996-97. Dr. Thomas held associate positions in Rhondda Valley. In 1999, he purchased Marlborough Dental Practice.

Dr. Thomas is interested in all aspects of dentistry including clear orthodontics (he is qualified to fit Invisalign, Inman, Six Month Smiles, Cfast, SmileTru) and dental implants.

He was a keen rugby player for local clubs in Bridgend and Cardiff Meds where he was Captain for two seasons. He also was a keen sportsperson playing county tennis, football, swimming, cycling, running, judo (until his knees fell apart and needed reconstructions!).

Now, Dr. Thomas rides his mountain bike regularly, and occasionally a road bike, plus he skis and enjoys time with his family, including two daughters and two dogs.